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and injury
Specialised assessment and treatment programs tailored to your pain and injuries

Who We Are

Thornton Physiotherapy is the first physiotherapy clinic in the area.


Our goal is to provide the thriving Thornton community with a space that houses exceptional physios trained

to deliver world class physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation. Whether you hurt yourself making the bed

or from being a weekend warrior we understand that each injury and each body is unique. 

To this extent you can expect - 

  • A rigorous assessment that delves deeper than the superficial issues that may be masking the true cause of your injury.

  • Treatment that is tailored to your specific injury - at Thornton Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on delivering the best in evidence based medicine to each individual. We believe that no matter your background you deserve the same care, attention, results and healing that we provide to our elite athletes. To that extent our goal is to ensure that we return each patient back to their own personal best. 

  • A plan designed to keep you at your best - we want to deliver a service that helps you heal and control your own future, not one that relies on constant consults.

We believe that exercise is the most potent and under utilised medicine.

Underpinning that mantra we have created a purpose built rehabilitation gym and use

exercise to help promote your body's healing response and stimulate it to grow stronger

to resist all future injuries.

Your Physios


Murray Leyland

APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist. Masters of Sports Physiotherapy 2016,

B. Physiotherapy with Honors 2009.

Murray has always called Thornton home, growing up here and playing for the mighty Thornton Red Backs as a junior.

Since those days he has gone on to graduate from Newcastle Uni and most recently completing his Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and working as the Head Physiotherapist for the Central Coast Mariners in the A League.

Murray is only one of two sports physiotherapists outside of Newcastle and specialises in treatment of all

lower limb injuries with particular interest in hip/groin, knee and tendon pain.

Outside of work Murray enjoys football (the round ball game), swimming, an avid Crossfitter and playing with

his black Labrador Flo. If you’re a dog lover, then conversation during consultations will be no issue!


Ellie Hayes

APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist. B. Physiotherapy with Honors 2015.

Ellie is a Thornton local since leaving Coffs to study Physio at Newcastle, graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons). Since graduation Ellie has been working in private practice helping people achieve their rehabilitation goals. Whether it’s a sporting injury, a niggling pain that’s stopping you from doing what you want or some advice to keep you on track and injury free, Ellie will work with you to develop a plan and guide you through your recovery. 


Outside of physiotherapy you’ll generally find Ellie on the football (soccer) pitch with either a whistle or flag in hand as a referee for the local NEWFM and NPL competitions, and the Westfield W League. In her spare time Ellie enjoys exploring the local area and spending time with family and friends.


Leah Newton

B. Physiotherapy 2012. 

Leah is an experienced Physiotherapist having worked at a couple clinics in Newcastle over the past 10 years. Leah has well developed skills in exercise prescription, strength and conditioning as well being a CrossFit Level 2 coach. This gives her amazing insight into identifying movement and technique issues across a wide variety of sports. Leah has excellent hands-on skills and with her elite skills in rehab will get you feeling amazing and performing back at your best.


When not at work Leah is avid dog trainer, swimmer, runner, triathlete and cross fitter. Be sure to bring in your dog photos for a good laugh at the success and failings of training dogs.


Amy Walton

B. Physiotherapy with Honors 2020.

Amy is one of our amazing physiotherapists. Amy has worked at a couple of clinics across Newcastle developing a wide range of assessment, treatment, and rehab techniques. Amy has a passion for working with Rugby League having worked with Wests men’s and women’s sides. Amy has excellent acute injury management skills for contact sports and will be able to get you back on the field feeling better than preinjury.

Outside of work, Amy is continuing the trend of dog loving physios. She passionately follows all sports, especially the Knights. Amy loves a good chat, so come prepared for a relaxed enjoyable consult.


Kieran Watson

APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 2019.

B. Physiotherapy 2012. 

Kieran is a Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist meaning our governing body recognised him as an expert in diagnosis of injuries and rehabilitation. He is the only practicing Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in the Hunter and a massive asset to our clinic and community.

Kieran has extensive experience with running mechanics and injury. He believes firmly in the principles of identifying the root cause of injury and early diagnosis in order to effectively manage your injury. He has worked with professional footballers, elite marathon and ultra-marathon runners both here in Australia as well as in the UK and provided sports coverage for running events such as the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon.
Kieran's special interests include the management of running related injuries, pelvic and spinal conditions, vertigo,
as well as post-surgical rehabilitation programs.


Outside of work Keiran loves going to the beach and enjoying time with his young family

Who We Are
What We Do

What We Do

We know that regardless of activity level everyone hurts themselves one day. We provide high quality care for

injuries of all types, all people.


  • We believe our hands have the power to heal and all our treatment plans have a strong hands on approach. 

  • We use no gimmicks or magic machines that promise healing and deliver nothing. You get your therapist for the full consult. 

  • Our gym is open to users of all levels to complete what you need to become fit and healthy again.

  • WorkCover, DVA, CTP, Medicare - we can provide treatments for all these areas. We ask that you bring all your necessary paperwork please.

Sports Physio

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to suffer an injury. But at Thornton Physiotherapy you can expect a standard of care equal to that.

Our Head Physio Murray has a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and a wealth of experience managing professional athletes. But importantly being an amateur athlete himself understands the fear of been told ‘you have to stop’. If you want to experience world class rehabilitation, if you want to return your personal best and beyond then book now.

Football Specific Physio

Do you love football? Are you injured? Are you avoiding physio worried they will get you to stop playing? Having been the Head Physiotherapist for the Central Coast Mariners in the A league we take pride in knowing every trick in the book to keep players on the park whilst getting them fit, healthy and back to full performance. If you want to know how to rehabilitate your football injury and get back to saving or scoring goals then book in now.


Crossfit injury &

technique management

Have you been told by another physiotherapy to just stop crossfit? That is an answer I PROMISE you won’t hear here. Being an avid cross fitter myself, combined with expert knowledge in Olympic lifting and rehabilitation of the complex injuries cross fitters sustain we will get you back to daily WOD with no modifications asap.

  • if you are  looking to improve your lifting technique, proficiency or to try and find the mobility points limiting you then book a Crossfit Injury Prevention Screen

  • We can offer you a comprehensive assessment of all your Olympic lifts with exercises to improve your mobility and proficiency in these movements.


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